Rick Quest Studio

Mobile, Mix, Master

       Rick Quest Studio

Analog or 32 tracks directly into ProTools

Live Sound:

Ted Nugent, Bob Seger, Rare Earth, many, many others.


Phillip Everly and his son Jason Phillip Everly

John JD DeServio and Ray Luzier, of Korn.

Mellow Man Ace, Cypress Hill, I know...Insane!

Members from Anthrax, Zakk Wylde, many others.

Voice over for several motion pictures, TV programs and plays.

After school programs with free tutoring for Sound Engineering

yep, the school bus would park right in front of my studio!

And probably my favorite:

In order to promote new talent, each summer I would select 6

up and coming new groups in the area and produce a

3 song demo complete with Bio and pictures free of charge!

While Rick Quest Studio has adorned the streets of No Ho for the past 15 years, Rick is now offering the best in Mobile Recording. The difference is the A-D converters and Rick has the best in the business. Several formats are available so that you can mix in any DAW of your choice or have Rick's award -winning studio do the editing and mixing for you.  Call 310-869-5027